About David Cassler

        David Cassler was born in Ohio, the son of artist, illustrator, and Western Artist Carl Cassler. From an early age, he loved to watch his father paint and became interested in form and color. David Started college intending to major in Art. He switched to landscape architecture in the middle of his freshman year. After graduation, David work in the office of the late Robert Marvin, one of the great landscape architects of our age. Though trained as a professional landscape architect, David put that career on hold to go back to school for his MFA, which he received in 1993. Since that time, David has worked simultaneously in both professions. He has worked as a landscape architect on many pestigious projects and received numerous awards and recognition for his art.

Philosophy—Residential Landscape Architecture

        David's approach to landscape architecture perpetuates the legacy established by his first boss and mentor Robert Marvin, who said "Residential Design always begins with the floor plan of the home and moves outward. Outdoor rooms become extensions of the home. The outside comes in and the inside goes out. A place to live is more than just a place to eat, sleep and wash—it is a reflection of the whole state of civilization and culture. It is a place to grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. It is a place of regeneration."


        David describes his art as "spiritual-figurative." He paints figures in realistic fashion, but places them in a context that reveals their spiritual reality. To that end, he employs a rich palette that manifests itself in several genres.

        David has said, "Art beckons us to that which we are meant to become. Art points to a time when heart and mind will be unified. It points to humankind's ultimate spiritual potential. Art speaks of a place where we need not look through a glass darkly, where we will know as we are known. It speaks of truth, love, happiness, and beauty.

        David resides with his wife and children in College Station, Texas.